Meet the Doctors

Dr. Stephanie Misco

Dr. Stephanie Misco was born and raised in Canton, Michigan. The oldest of three children, Dr. Stephanie has a younger brother and sister. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, with a major in Biomedical Science, Dr. Stephanie spent the summer working with children with special needs, giving them a wonderful camp experience. From there she fi rst came to Pennsylvania to earn her doctorate at University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine where she was nominated and accepted to the OKU, the dental honor society.  Dr. Stephanie then returned toMichigan for her residency, where she has been working at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. Providing dental care to the veterans was  a  special experience for Dr. Stephanie, which she enjoyed immensely.


When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Stephanie enjoys attending sporting events(hockey is her favorite!), running, reading  a good book, or planning her next travel adventure, and if you ever see her shopping for apples, there is a good chance she’s preparing to bake her grandma’s apple pie recipe. Back in Pennsylvania to stay, Dr. Stephanie is as thrilled to join the team, as we are to have her, and looks forward to meeting you and your family soon.